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Zebra/Crocs Comics are recurring comics with The Crocs (normally Larry and Jojo) trying to eat Zebra and always saying "Hullo Zeeba Neighbor, Leesten..." Since they are dumb they normally fail or get Zebra mad. Other times The Zeeba Zeeba Eata sweater crocs try to trick Zebra instead of Larry and Jojo. One time they shifted there focus onto Bob the Antelope's family and ate them. But sadly we don't see Zebra that much and normally just see the Crocs instead.

Zebra & The Crocs

Zebra lives right next to The Crocs in The Neighbourhood. The Crocs are one of the villains of Pearls Before Swine including Max & Zach, The Hyenas, Satan and sometimes Rat. Most of the time the joke is normally one of the crocs (normally Larry) telling Zebra something that is very dumb and untrue, or it's the crocs trying to make a trap to kill and eat Zebra (like with a costume), and they're always is a barrier inbetween Zebra and the crocs and their houses, like bushes, bricks, a fence the only time this didn't happen was when there was no barrier, until the crocs jump only for us to see, that it was a glass backyard door. But sometimes the plot isn't always like that sometimes the spotlight will shift over to Larry's wife Patty, and his son Junior, like when Juniot has to go to bording school or when Patty makes Larry repeat the 4th Grade.

Zeeba Zeeba Eata

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Zeeba Zeeba Eata is an organization and fraternity run by the crocs, that is known for crocs eating zebras and being inDa Brudderhood of Zeeba Zeeba Eata. With the crocs always trying to eat zebras and were ZZE sweaters. The idea of Zeeba Zeeba Eata came from the fraternity in the film, National Lampoon's Animal House, Delta Tau Chi. Basically in that movie most of what they do is drink and be morons and that is kind of what the crocs do in Pearls, they drink a lot, they're very ignorant, except in Pearls, the crocs don't have weird nicknames, or ruin a parade, or even go to college, (and if they were an actual fraternity the name would be Zeta Zeta Epsilon" not "Zeeba Zeeba Eata").

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