The Wall Conflict was a series of strips regarding a wall built by Zebra and the L'il Tykes Kids Club to keep the crocs from bothering him. It focused primarily on the crocs attempting either to persuade Zebra to destroy the wall, or find a way over themselves.

Secretly, it was a contingency plan triggered by Stephan Pastis, following his imprisonment for life at the conclusion of Rat's Insurgency. The plan involved the story arc running its course, during which Larry would order Melvin to strap himself to a bomb and blow up the wall. However, Melvin would not make it to the wall in time, forcing Larry and the others to launch Melvin into the sky in a random direction, eventually landing on the prison where Stephan was being held and exploding, freeing him. It was successful, and Stephan returned to Pearls.

However, the conflict continued to play out for several months after Melvin's death and Stephan's escape, as the wall still stood. Eventually, in January, four months after the failed suicide bombing, one of the crocs got appointed to the City Planning Commission. He was able to use new power to have the city destroy Zebra's wall, as it was built without a permit.