These were a group of female pigs who lived in a slaughterhouse. Pig went to their slaughterhouse under the mistaken beleif that it was a Singles party.

Pigs seen

Pam (deceased)

Pam was one of the first pigs Pig met, and one of the first to die. She was slaughtered.

Julene (presumbly deceased)

Julene was a pig who Pig asked to take to the movies, but she said he would meet her in the Deli section of a grocery store and buy her (as she would become pork). Pig thought she was a prostitute.

Lulu (deceased)

Lulu was a pig who liked Pig and wanted to escape with him. But to his misfortune, she ended up slaughtered, and when Pig asked Jenny where she went, she pointed towards heaven, and Pig thought, "She 'Flew' away."

Jenny (presumbly deceased)

Jenny was the final pig that Pig met, as she told him Lulu is dead.