The return of Annie May.

The Sea Anemones, originally the Sea Anemone, are a duo of Sea Anemones who loathe Pig for unknown reasons.

The original Sea Anemone was an enemy of Pig's, whom Rat sliced in half using a garage door. This spilt it into two, both now female.



According to Pig, in the year 1995, Pig and the original Sea Anemone, had a terrible battle. Because of this, he swore revenge on Pig. eleven years later, he attempted to kill Pig, but Rat, who was driving his car out of their driveway at the time, crushed it by closing the garage door while it was underneath it. It was thought to be dead, but it turned out that the garage door had only sliced it in half, creating two new anemones. These anemones were at first friendly, but attempted to kill Pig with a bomb. Rat stole the bomb and baked it into a fruitcake that eventually killed the Orca. One of the Sea Anemones then informed a shady character known as "Iceman" of this development.



The Sea Anemones' prime victim, Pig was always scared of them, and they always tried to kill him.


Rat seemed to be annoyed with Pig being scared, so he killed the first Sea Anemone. He also moved the bomb when both Sea Anemones tried to kill Pig again.