The Fruit Buddies was an organization of fruit organized by "Brother" Pig.

Former Members

Secretary Banana

He was the secretary in the club.

Georgie Grape

A grape. Died when Rat ate her at the meeting at the beginning of the storyline. She was supposed to finish moving up the budget but was unable to do so before Rat barged into the meeting and ate her.

Annie Apple

An apple in the club.

Petey Potato

When Pig tried to bring in potatoes in an attempt to save the group, they made fun of him.

Brother Pear

He was a pear.

Unnamed Orange

An orange. It was not present in the original meeting, and only seen once when Rat ate it, prompting Banana to ask if God was mad at them.


The clubs members (except ofr Georgie Grape and Brother Potato) were blended into a fruitshake by Rat, killing them. Then, when Pig was making a "Potato Buddies" club, Rat made all the potatoes into homemade french fries.