Snuffles, also called 'Mr. Snuffles.' is Zebra's pet cat. He was originally adopted by the crocs to become a stealth assassin and kill Zebra by infiltrating his house.  However, Snuffles befriended Zebra, and has lived with him ever since. He also works with Rat and Guard Duck as a member of the organization and the latter's army and Anti-Cow Movement.


Despite only speaking in 'meows' that can only be understood by Zebra and Guard Duck, a lot is known about Snuffles. Beneath the snow-white fur, he appears to have a cunning and dangerous mind, and a very sociopathic nature. During the short-lived tenure of Guard Duck's Basketball Team, he asks if it was alright to stab an opposing player. On the cover of Pearls Blows Up, he was the one who was detonating the bomb on the cover of the book.

Despite this, he is very loyal and protective of Zebra. He also is fond of Guard Duck, even following him and Maura to Paris simply because he was jealous.

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