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The Rat-Cuban War was a brief war between Rat and Raul Castro.[1]


Rat took the guise of a man named "El Jefe, the Cuban avenger!" in order to invade Cuba.[1] He remained in Albany, California, as Guard Duck and Snuffles proceeded to Miami in order to get to Cuba.[2]

Main Events

Sea Invasion of Miami

Having departed Albany, it can be assumed that Guard Duck and Snuffles used the Panama Canal to cross between the Pacific and the Atlantic.[2] Once in Miami, the mercenaries attempted to blend in, disguised as characters from "Miami Vice" while they prepared for the final leg of their journey.[3] Back in Albany, Goat expressed disbelief that they could make it to Miami.[2]


The single ship on the Rat side.

Jamacian Campaign

Somehow, Guard Duck and Snuffles took a wrong turn, and ended up in Kingston, Jamacia,[4] where Guard Duck shot a Sherrif, and Snuffles shot his deputy. They were imprisoned, but managed to escape and make it to Cuba.[5]

End of the War

Guard Duck and Snuffles were caught and had to pretend that they were there as part of a cultural exchange. They were given some whiskey and cigars, and in turn, they gave Cathy to the Cubans.[6]

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