Pearls Sells Out

Release Date

August 19, 2009

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The Crass Menagerie

Succeeded By

Pearls Blows Up

Pearls Sells Out is the 4th Treasury to the Pearls franchise. It contains strips from August 7, 2006 to February 16, 2008. The cover shows the characters (incluing a real-life Pastis) in the Pearls Plush section of a store, with five crocs eating some zebra plush.

Series/Important Strips in the book

August 2006

August 7–9: Rat uses one of the crocodiles to replace his shift at Joe's Roastery. While Rat was on the phone with Gary, Joe's Roastery's manager, who is angered, Rat said the croc would only kill "self-absorbed bookworms". Right that moment, the replacement crocodile had eaten a customer. The croc was then fired.

August 13–17: Rat got a letter from the National Cartoonists Society explaining how only two comic strips at that time allowed their characters to age, making the rule that currently syndicated comics will advance their character's age to the current date of the strip. The next strips tell about how "The Family Circus" aged and their adventures, as 50-yr. olds.

August 18–19: Pig wants to visit the South Pole to visit his friend, Ollie the Penguin, who has an overprotective mom.

August 21–26, 28: The crocs attend a college, sleeping through their studies, answering questions wrong and writing un-related answers to questions and essays.

September 2006

September 1–2: Rat poses as Chi Chi Perón, Preacher of the Stars, who talks to the stars about who will go to Heaven or who will be condemned to a life of eternal torture.

September 4–5: Rat works for writing ads for a doorknob company, using profanity in his taglines.