The No Repro is the name of a group of people who, according to Rat, are not allowed to reproduce.



Connie was in No Repro because after she used an ATM, she used the ATM shelf to organize her checkbook, causing the people in line behind her to wait.


Jerry was in No Repro because he repeatedly presses the elevator button even when it is lit because he thinks it will get there faster.


Nick was is No Repro because he peppers everything he says with movie lines ecause he thinks it makes him hip. His only known quote is "Hasta la vista, baby."

Unknown Man (deceased)

One man became a member when Rat thought he was stupid, and the only way Rat could not get him from reproducing was to kill him, which he did. He appeared to be quite smarter than the others, as he realized it was an insult, and attempted to resist Rat's arbitrary organization of him.