Max zach

An appearance of Zach and Max.

Max and Zach 
are two lions that became Zebra's new neighbors. Unlike the Crocodiles, Max and Zach do not hunt after Zebra, as it is the females that do the hunting, and instead see him as a friend, and look out for his safety by helping him cover up his weakness (Eating nonfat yogurt, reading an Oprah's Book Club book, etc).

The two also share a relationship with the crocodiles. Most strips featuring Max and Zach didn't have them commuicating at all with any crocs, but around the time their wives left them and they started receving dead zebra support because of a debate in court, Larry snatched their weekly box for the crocodiles, leaving them hungry. The following week, the two soon found out about what they've done, and got their revenge by eating several of the crocodiles.

Larry envies them. Due to his lack of hunting skill, he wishes he could do nothing while his wife does all the hunting.