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Billy, or "Junior" as he is usually called, is a crocodile, the son of Larry, and a vegetarian.


As opposed to the rude, loud, and somewhat idiotic nature of other crocodiles, Junior is thoughtful, intelligent, and kind. In fact, he appears to be one of the smartest and articulate crocodiles in the entire strip. His idols are icons of peace such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Much to the chagrin of his mother and father, Jr has decided to become a vegetarian for ethical reasons, dates a zebra named Joy, and might have affiliations with PETA.

Relationships with other Characters


Jr is Larry's son. Despite Jr going to school, dating a zebra named Joy, and being a vegetarian, Larry loves Jr, despite his many "faults". Jr also loves his father, and panicked when the Killer Dolphins supposedly ate Larry, though Patty was celebrating, and the members of Zeeba Zeeba Eata were stealing their possessions.


Jr has a crush on Zebra's niece, Joy, despite the fact that Larry and Patty disapproved. When Patty found out about this, she told Larry: "If you would have eaten him like a normal crocodile, none of this would have happened!" To this Larry responded: "But me love him." At this, Patty beat Larry up. This might imply that Larry had eaten Jr's siblings, as crocodiles usually have more than one child at a time, or that Patty was referring to him not eating Zebra and Larry stupidly misunderstood it to mean eating Jr. Jr and Joy tried to bring the families together at a Christmas party, but every one let Larry alone with an uncle, then came in with a covered platter. It turned out that it was KFC chicken inside, because he knocked out the zebra with a "Key of Friendship" that he had earlier obtained, but he was to fat to throw onto the barbeque, so he ended up eating one of his legs raw.


Jr is Patty's son, but she wishes that Larry had eaten Jr when he was young. She is shown to love her son, although she abandons him and Larry occasionly when Larry does something embarassing, such as being on Jeporady.


Zebra is a good friend of Jr.

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