Joy Zebra
Joy (Debut: April 16, 2007) is a cheery female zebra and is Zebra's niece. She has been known to date Billy despite he being predator and she being prey.

Personality and Characteristics

Joy is a kind, female Zebra who is really in love with Billy. She is usually cheery and happy. She likes her father and uncle.


She looks like Zebra only she does not have pupil eyes. She is shorter than zebra and has feminine eyelashes with a pink hairbow



Zebra is Joy's uncle and he really loves her, as he did caution her about Billy, but soon learned Billy did not eat zebras, so Zebra thought the relationship was okay.


Billy is Joy's boyfriend, despite him being predator and Joy being prey. Yet because Billy is a vegetarian, they over look their predator and prey relationship.

Patty and Larry

Patty and Larry are the crocs who are Billy's parents and do not really like the fact that he likes Joy. They punished him for it, but he just escaped and fled to Zebra's house. Patty later seemed to accept it somewhat, but Larry ate Uncle Pete's leg.