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Gary and Rat

Joe's Roastery is a trendy coffee bar, where customers often enjoy drinks such as a "Triple-whipped Soy No-Fat Extra-Foam Venti Coffee". Its managers, Gary and Bob, have employed Rat on three occasions and from August 7–9, 2006, also briefly employed an unnamed member of Zeeba Zeeba Eata (sent as a stand-in for Rat), who was quickly fired after eating a customer.

First hiring and subsequent firing

While the managers of Joe's Roastery initially wanted to fire Rat for his rude and dismissive attitudes towards customers and customer service respectively, they were concerned that his status as a "visible minority" would make the firing difficult - giving Rat cause to celebrate and take advantage of the decision. One reason for Rat's dissatisfaction appears to be that he has calculated that the rising cost of gas means he now pays more to commute to the job, than the job actually pays him.

In November 2008, after noticing Rat's previous experience as an attorney, Joe's Roastery appointed him to be their Corporate Counsel; where he suggested such changes as rewriting the warning label on coffee cups to say "If you don't know that coffee is hot, perhaps you're too @#$%ing stupid to drink coffee".

Eventually it seems Rat was fired.

Second hiring

In August 2011, Rat was rehired at Joe's Roastery - though it caused Goat to announce he would no longer frequent the coffee bar for his morning coffee since he greatly disliked Rat as an employee. Rat was fired for the second time, despite the policy of corporate diversity, as Rat's Clones were hired.

Third hiring

Several years after being fired, Rat was hired again several years later, with no mention of further discipline although his sarcastic behaviour continued. He continued to be rude and dismissive of the customers. Once his boss even asked him about his career goals and Rat responded with something cynical and depressing that ended with "We bury our individuality for 30 years. Then we die." Gary then said he was going to sell all of his possessions and backpack through Nepal, but he was seen at a later date, so it can be assumed that he or someone close to him talked him out of doing this.