Hobart was a miniature train driver. He was laid off because of the train station he worked at was closing.


Hobart worked at a miniature train station, until he was laid off.

His wife, who was a normal-sized person, promptly cheated on him with a guy named Phil.

Hobart was locked in the microwave, and was presumed dead when Phil used it to make popcorn.

He actually survived, but died when he met Pig and received a balloon, which, because of Hobart's being a small person, floated into a ceiling fan.


Hobart was a little guy who was married to a normal-sized woman who later cheated on him and nearly killed him. He was presumably depressed because of his constant string of bad luck.


His Wife

His wife cheated on him and got a boyfriend. She locked Hobart in a microwave in an attempt to kill him.


Pig felt sorry for Hobart when he was all alone, so he gave him a balloon to cheer him up, but the balloon carried him into a ceiling fan which presumably killed him.