Guard Duck
Name: Guard Duck
Species: Duck
Gender Male
Living? Yes

Guard Duck is, as his name implies, the "guard duck" for Pig and Rat's home,[1] and still lives with them despite often taking on different occupations. Pig has described him as "very sensitive and having an anger management problem". He's known for a short temper and a violent streak. He has gone to several anger management seminars, but he leaves with more issues than he had before.

His first appearance was March 14, 2005,[2] when Pig bought him because a proper Guard Dog was too expensive. Pig's neighbors frequently laughed at Guard Duck, but then got beaten up by him. He often suggests militaristic solutions for neighborhood problems, often getting him locked in a clothes hamper by Pig.

Originally, Guard Duck was a violent duck with anger management problems, but he eventually transformed into a duck associated with the army, seeing the world as his battlefield. He has occasionally referenced the Vietnam War and war movies such as Apocalypse Now. In one of his "missions" that he was given by Rat, he teamed up with Zebra's cat Snuffles to invade Cuba under orders from Rat, but mistakenly invades Jamaica. While in Jamaica, he also shoots a sheriff. The moment he got to Cuba, he and Snuffles were arrested, but released after convincing the Cubans that he was there as part of a cultural exchange. He is also a member of the Order of Panelwalkers and taught Pig how to panelwalk. In a series of strips, Guard Duck is seen training gophers to use grenades which causes problems in the neighborhood. Most recently, the Grenade Gophers went renegade and joined the Crocs as assassins.

Despite his emotional instability, Guard Duck is extremely loyal to Pig, and refuses to leave him alone for to long.

It is also mentioned that Guard Duck has a girlfriend, Maura, who leaves him from time to time and once in particular (after a trip to Paris) to become a corporate spokesperson for Aflac.

In the treasury The Crass Menagerie, Stephan Pastis remarks that the Guard Duck has become so popular that he's become a sixth main character (after Rat, Pig, Goat, Zebra, and the crocs).[3]


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