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Name: Goat
Species: Goat
Gender Male
Living? Yes

"For the smart guy in the strip, you're pretty moronic." - Rat about Goat, 10/27/2012

An intellectual goat who interacts sparingly with the other characters, Goat (debut: January 18, 2002) usually appears whenever there is a small issue dealing with a character or a conflict to be mediated.[1] During major storylines where Rat, Guard Duck, or the Crocs are the lead, he is critical of their actions, and only talks to Zebra, where one of them informs the other of the goings-on. Goat has an equally hard time dealing with Pig's incompetence and Rat's cruelty and occasional ignorance. Goat maintains an internet blog that, as Rat likes to point out, receives no hits. Goat in turn tends to criticize Rat's forays into writing, often telling him not to write them at all. In early strips, Goat had a beard; he first appeared without it in the March 31, 2004 strip.

He is the most calm and composed of all the characters. He is hardly seen panicking, and unlike the others, he only does it with good reason.

He was once stated to be gluten intolerant.

In a few strips, he is seen telling Rat and Pig about various philosophical, political, and social issues. However, Rat and Pig don't pay attention, instead usually starting to talk about something else such as baseball or The Apprentice.


Goat dislikes conversing with the other characters at all; he much prefers reading. However, it seems that he most tolerates talking to Zebra; he is least tolerant when talking to Rat (although he tends to be equally hostile towards Pig). It is actually debatable if he dislikes talking to Rat or Pig more, Rat for his ego and self-centered remarks, which anger Goat greatly; however, Pig's stupidity has, on multiple occasions, equally driven Goat over the edge, particularly when he attempts to explain something simple to Pig, and Pig continues moving further and further into the wrong direction and misunderstanding everything Goat says.

Goat's real name is revealed as "Paris" in the September 21, 2007 strip, he claims "Goat" is his stage name.

He is the only character that has catchphrases, which are "I give up", "Never Mind", "Check Please" and "I'm leaving/going", usually at the very end of a strip in a resigned sort of mood. Despite his intellect, he never attempts to correct Pig when Rat misleads him, instead just leaving or berating Rat.


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