Farina (Debut: July 22, 2002) is Pig's sister, and is paranoid about germs so she lives in a bubble.

Dating Rat

When Farina first appeared she was visiting Pig. Soon Rat began to take her to the beach and the movies. Rat said he was in love with her, but Farina was forced to reject him because Farina's dad didn't want Farina to marry rat since he wasn't a bubble boy.

The Married Life

Farina went on to marry a bubble pig named Bob, and they had two children. She briefly visited Rat to ask if he would baby-sit her children while she went on a romantic cruise but Rat declined. Though not shown, Farina eventually divorced Bob, leaving her children with him.


Farina returned to Rat, explaining her divorce. Rat was elated, but Farina was dating other characters like Ziggy and Hagar the Horrible. Rat left her in disgust.


Farina decided to live with an unnamed man in Florida, prompting Rat to go there to kill him. However, he never got there. Farina appeared very briefly after that, wanting to get back together with Rat, but deciding against it after seeing him in a clown costume.


Farina is a germaphobic pig who lives in a bubble with an air filter hole. She is kind but was forced to dump Rat for not being a germaphobic, bubble person by her father. She is very paranoid about germs, as seen when Rat accidentally sneezed through the air filter in her bubble and she looked extremely scared and startled.



She is Pig's sister, and she seems to like him as a brother.


She has dated Rat a few times, and has proven Rat has a softer side, but dumped him for a male germaphobic pig.