Danny Donkey Doll was a prototype plush toy of Danny Donkey that Rat got made in China. Intended to say cute things like "I Love Hugs" and "I Love Puppies", instead said how much it loved beer.

Strangely, the doll came to life and actually started to rob liquor stores of beer and cigarettes. It also has the power to turn back into a stuffed animal when it wants too, mainly to hide from the cops.

The Doll dissapeared from the strip, except for one more appearance asking a couple for booze on Halloween.

Behind The Scenes

The Danny Donkey Doll was intended to created an Anti-Hobbes (The tiger in "Calvin And Hobbes" that was a stuffed animal to everyone else, except Calvin), but it didn't catch on. Stephan Pastis now only uses him as a character in Rat's books.

The storyline was suppost to be a week along, but Stephan's syndicate was worried the storyline was too "edgy".