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Cindy's appearance

Cindy is a female rat who once dated Rat.

Personality and Characteristics

She is a normal enough, compared to Rat. During her relationship with Rat, she was kind and loving, going to great lengths to show she cared for him. She wanted Rat to show her empathy, however he took it the wrong way and she ended up dumping him.


She is a gray rat with long orange hair, feminine eyes and eyelashes, and unlike other female animals, with the exception of Ivona, she is the only anthropomorphic females in Pearls that has visible breasts.



She dated Rat twice and dumped him on both occasions. Rat, on the first date, cheated right in front of her three times. The second time was when he kept saying; "That sounds terrible" since he heard girls liked empathy. This annoyed Cindy, causing her to dump him.