Chuckie is a non-anthropomorphic sheep who cannot talk in Pearls Before Swine.


Chuckie is a non-anthropomorchic sheep who can only speak the sheep "Baa". He eats grass, and has no nostrils on where his nose should be. He seems kind, as he never attacked anyone in Pearls.

"A" Famine

When the comic strip company ran out of "A"'s, they gave the comic 12 emergency "A"'s, which Chuckie then said: "Baaaaaaaaaaaah". They characters then attacked him out of pure rage. Chuckie then said: "B h ".


Goat seems to be a good friend of Chuckie, as he was the first in the group to meet Chuckie.


Pig seems to like Chuckie, has no problems with him, and was the second character to meet him, though he once thought Chuckie wanted marijuana, causing him to scream, but Chuckie just wanted grass, as Goat said.


Rat seems to dislike Chuckie, hating his non-anthropomorphic abilities.


Pigita supposedly killed Chuckie and made him into mutton during a storyline when Rat, Goat, and Zebra abandoned the strip. However, Chuckie does appear later, leaving his so-called "death" in question.