The Christmas Tree Girl making an apperence

The Christmas Tree Lady (Debut: December 20, 2012)  is a Christmas tree saleswoman that Rat dated.  However all their dates have bad moments. Their relationship status is unknown. 

Personality and characteristics

She is kind and really beautiful. She seems to be aware of Rat's feelings but is unable to understand why he can't properly hit on her. Rat once stated that the reason he was so nervous was that he felt like her eyes were boring right into him, and he knew it was not a nice place inside his head. The fact that he is nervous implies that he may have real feelings for her.


In her debut, She has gray fur with orange frizzy hair and a red and green Christmas scarf. She also has big eyes with feminine eyelashes and a black nose. In her other appearances she has brown fur and brown, wavy hair and no scarf.